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   POS - Church Staff
Senior Pastor - Rev. Randy Watts, Sr.

Pastor Watts and family arrived in Statesboro Ga in March of 2005. He is known across the Southeast as a REVIVALIST!  He evangelized for many years before answering the call of God to Statesboro Georgia; and uniquely continues to preach revivals as God has ordained (utilizing the help of the local ministry team at the POS). God has blessed this model, as we have been apart of great revival as of late.  Since 2012 - our Ministry Team has worked together to reap a harvest of over 2,500 souls (in revivals, in the prisons, as well as the home church of the POS). Pastor Watts is a dynamic preacher who is mightily used of God prophetically, often times operating in the gifts of the Spirit.  Most importantly - he is a lover of souls!    -Church Staff

Sis. Watts is a lady in the truest sense of the word - tirelessly working in the background, never seeking glory and accolades.  She can be found praying for the ladies of the church at any given altar call, as the Spirit so often leads her to do.  Behind every great man, there is usually a great woman like Sis. Watts - keeping everything balanced, polished and professional.  Thank God for our AMAZING Pastor and our PRECIOUS First Lady of the POS - Sis. Watts!  We love you and your family greatly!    -Church Staff

Ministry Team - (pictured below) The Ministry Team of the POS - is comprised of 5 Inspiring Preachers (and their wives) that serve as Assistants to Pastor Watts in various roles and functions.  Bro. Juarez, Bro. Tim & Bro. Anthony can often be found preaching in the jails, prisons, ladies transitional centers as well as regular services.  Bro. Carey Watts serves in various roles as well, preaching and leading our Media Ministries Department.  Bro. Smith ministers frequently preaching and teaching, leading our Youth Department, Church Website Design, and organizing various departments.  Sis. Carmen oversees our Sunday School Department and iGNITE Youth's Facebook Page. Sis. Heather Watts leads our Music Ministry Department. God has blessed our Ministry Team with great unity and servitude. Our desire is to stand behind our Pastor 100%, work in unity as a team, feed the flock of God and reach the lost!
Bro. & Sis. Juarez                  Bro. & Sis. Smith            Bro. Tim Mack             Bro. Anthony Guy               Sis. Carmen Juarez              Bro. & Sis. Watts, Jr. 
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